CVS Beam PRISM Receiver

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Works with the BEAM Central Vacuum System. The wireless controls operate on a 915 MHz frequency and has a built-in rolling code, so as not to interfere with other electrical devices or other similar systems, such as a neighbor who may have the same system installed.

You can program up to ten devices to the wireless receiver. This can be a combination of hoses, automitters and the repeater.
These devices comply to FCC Standards. These devices have been tested to 600 feet open air. Actual results may vary depending on number of walls and type of construction of the building that it is used in. Metal enclosures will limit operating range.


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Model Number   Description
050720   50720 050720
050721   30 ft. Soft Touch Total Control Full Swivel Hose with Low Volt, on/off switch, 12 volt battery with Integrated Transmitter. 050721


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