Beam Q100 Sumo Telescopic Wand - Grey

Número de artículo:: 155275
Disponibilidad: Disponible


This wand is an "Integrated Telescoping Wand" for the Beam Solaire and Beam Q Attachment Sets as well as numerous Electrolux Canister Models.

This has square ends and is referred to as "Sumo Style" "Q-Style" and "DD Style".

More than two wands can be connected together enabling you to extend the reach to hard to get places. 

Replaces: 155258, 155275, BI-155275


  • Electrolux El6988
  • Beam BM1393AB
  • Beam Q100
  • Beam SL100A Solaire
  • Beam SL103A Solaire
  • Electrolux 1600 ELUX
  • Electrolux 103A EXL
  • Eureka EL101A
  • Honeywell HL102A 


This does not fit Electrolux "2G" Systems or any "Alliance Hose-Based System"

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