How To Choose a Portable Vacuum

How To Choose a Portable Vacuum

Do you prefer a Canister vacuum or an Upright vacuum?
A lot will come down to feel and what your used too, but here's a few differences.

Style of Vacuum

Do you prefer a Canister vac or an Upright? Alot will come down to feel and what your used too, but here's a few differences.

Riccar Immaculate Canister

Upright Vacuum


Canister Vacuum
Tend to be more straight forward for carpet and floor cleaning, everything is easy to reach as far as tools and switches. Generally house a bigger a motor and are more versatile for cleaning stairs and couches. They follow behind you on the floor with a 6-8 foot hose.


Is Your House Mostly Carpet, Hard Floor or a Mix?


Carpeted Homes

Hard Floor Homes


Benefit from both uprights and canisters. they will require a spinning brush roll for good agitation to loosen dirt and debris in the carpet.  Most uprights will have this, some canisters won't. In most cases will only need an "Air Driven" Canister(which can be considerably cheaper), unless of course you have some rugs you'd like to vacuum. Then it is a good idea to have a spinning brush roll. Look for horse haired brushes to do your hard floors, as to prevent scratching or scuffs.


Does Anyone in Your Home Suffer From Allergies?





It's everywhere and you want as little of it in your home as possible. Dust will carry allergens, viruses, bacteria and more. You must decide whether filtration is something worth investing in, and if your goal is to make your home healthier, then getting rid of dust is a big priority of the vacuuming process. (High-efficiency particulate air filtration) is a standard which requires that an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 Microns. HEPA is commonly claimed on many vacuums where the "filter" is of HEPA standard but the air that actually comes out(around the filter) of the vacuum is not. This is due not sealing the filter to the vacuum properly or trying to without gaskets. So in short, if making a healthy home is your goal, make sure your vacuum filters how you want it too.


Durability & Maintenance

Ask your salesman about durability, as well as the cost of belts and bags before deciding on a vacuum, some can be very expensive to maintain while another could be much cheaper. Look for metal parts were they would be needed, such as the brush roll, foot pedal and anything that will move a lot or have lots of stress. Ask if there has been a lot returned under warranty.



Always ask for a demonstration or try it yourself! Compare brands and models, every vacuum does their job a little different, so try and find the one that does your job, your way.      


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