Portable Floor Care

With so many portable vacuum brands and models, how are you supposed to decide which is right for you?
Here is a little list to help with your decision.


Swiss Boy is a great place to learn about floor care, we will answer any questions you may have, as well as give demonstrations.  We are here to help educate you on whatever you need to make a better decision about your vacuum, or even how to go about cleaning your house.

Swiss Boy services and warrants all brands we sell, price match the internet*, and offer a 7-day money back guarantee, with a 30-day credit policy! Here are some of the brands we currently carry:




Riccar is an American company, that manufactures and assembles all their vacuums here in the USA.

Focusing on deep cleaning and indoor air quality, Riccar is making some of the most efficient vacuums on the market.

They use a great blend of high quality ABS plastics and metals. Known for their efficient canisters and now uprights.


Sanitaire is a time tested brand, with a wide variety of vacuums, some using the same design for over 30 years.

Their uprights, canisters, and backpacks are used heavily in both commercial and residential applications. Extremely affordable maintenance and a great vacuum for DIY repairs as well.


Lindhaus is an Italian made brand, great at making very high end HEPA vacuums, as well as durable.

Focusing on commercial strength and durability, Lindhaus makes some of the longest lasting and easy to work-on vacuum sin the industry

Unique brush roll design and very easy to maintain.


Dyson is currently making some of the best bagless vacuums available, with very low maintenance as filters and belts are permanent.

Dysons are made with a very modern design and are well known for their ease of use and maneuverability.


We also carry Royal, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Koblenz, and Eureka, and many more!


Among these brands we carry an assortment of different styles of vacuums, so you can find a vacuum that works well for the job you need it for.






Generally light, easy to use. Not built for "Whole Home" cleaning. Both battery and corded styles. Designed in the bagged and bagless styles. Very light, usually built for special jobs such as stairs and furniture. both battery and corded styles available. Designed in the bagged and bagless styles. Designed to follow on a 6-8' hose around the house while you vacuum, these vacuums usually provide a larger motor and useful attachments for special jobs. Designed in the bagged and bagless styles. Most common style now days, usually packaged with tools and a 6' hose. Designed in the bagged and bagless styles. Generally used in commercial application such as janitorial services for schools or buildings. Designed in the bagged and bagless styles. Any machine that deposits water into the carpet and then sucks it up, either with or without chemicals. Hard Floor/Carpet cleaners that eliminate the need for chemicals. Built to clean all surfaces.


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*In order to "Price Match" the internet, the product in question must come from a licensed dealer of the product. It also must be unused and retain all warranties, items, and manuals that come with said product.


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