Copy of Beam 11" Self-Cleaning Filter Tall Pre-2010

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Beam 11" Drop Down Filter Bag - # 110385 / 110379 

*The 110385 filter replaces Beam filter 110330 and 110379

NOTE: Units manufactured after 2009 need to use the 110346, it is slightly larger. The 110385 metal filter-ring is slightly too small to snap into position on power units built after 2009.

With the weight in the middle of the bag, this bag will self clean when the power unit is turned off. While vacuuming, the bag with the weight in it gets sucked into the main canister. When the power is turned off, the filter falls down and shakes itself off.

A central vacuum system utilizing a permanent drop down filter bag is the most common type of central vacuum unit. The 110385/110379 filter is intended to be permanent and only replaced if it has a tear or hole in it. If you notice that your vacuum has had a significant drop in suction, the drop in power can be caused by this filter being clogged up with fine dust particles. This filter can be cleaned using a Shop-Vac or another type of vacuum with a hose. If after you have cleaned the filter, your unit still does not have the proper power, then this replacement filter bag is a good option.

This Beam Permanent Filter Bag #110385/110379 is for use with the following models of Beam central vacuums manufactured prior to 2010:

  • Beam 189
  • Beam 189S
  • Beam 189C
  • Beam 189D
  • Beam 189F
  • Beam 190
  • Beam 193
  • Beam 197S
  • Beam 197C
  • Beam 197D
  • Beam 199C
  • Beam 199D
  • Beam 199E
  • Beam 199
  • Beam 199J
  • Beam 199F
  • Beam 254
  • Beam 275A
  • Beam 275C
  • Beam 375A
  • Beam 375B
  • Beam 375C
  • Beam 750
  • Beam 750A
  • Beam 775
  • Beam 775A
  • Beam 2100
  • Beam 2100A
  • Beam 2100A-VIL
  • Beam 2775
  • Beam 2775VIL
  • Beam 3700A
  • Beam SC275A
  • Beam SC275C
  • Beam SC375A
  • Beam SC375B
  • Beam SC375C
  • Beam SC3700A


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