Dyson DC41 Cleaner Head Assy

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Your Dyson's Cleaner Head is a critical component of your system's cleaning power. Maintaining the brush roll and inspecting for clogs is important to keep your machine running at maximum capacity. Without proper maintenance, your cleanerhead may experience failure and need to be replaced. This can happen naturally over time as well. Replacing your DC41 cleaner head is as simple as a couple snaps.

1. Remove Fastener.
The small red fastener can be 
easily removed and set aside.
2. Remove the Cleaner Head.
After fastener is removed, the cleaner
head should come off easily.
2. Removing Bottom Plate.
Loosen the thumb screws on 
either side of the cleaner head.
3. Untangling the Brushroll.
Using your hand and scissors, untangle
debris and fibers from the brushroll. Over
time, if your brushroll becomes congested
your brushroll could fail and require 
4. Re-attach the Bottom Plate.
Align 3 tabs on the front of the
cleaner head, and reattach.
5. Fasten the Bottom Plate Screws.
Tighten the thumb screws on either side
of the cleaner head.
6. Replace the Fastener.
Reattach the red cleaner head
fastener to the cleaner head 
before attaching to the machine.
7. Re-attach the Cleaner Head.
Attach the cleaner head to the machine.
You will hear a positive "click" to know it
has been connected properly.

If your cleaner head is no longer functioning correctly, it may need to be replaced. The proper cleaner head for your machine is listed below. If you have any other questions regarding maintaining your machine, refer to our other guides, or contact us.

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