Sanitaire Metal Brushroll

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Manufacturer Part#: 53270


Sanitaire Genuine 12 Inch Vibra-Groomer 2 Brushroll

Built from High Quality Chrome Plated Steel for long service life. This double ball bearing roller has replaceable Vibra-Groomer 2 brush strips for quality agitation and rubber endcaps to dampen vibration.

Fits the following Eureka & Sanitaire Models:

1495A; 1923B; 1942B; 2034B; 2034DT; 2034E; 2OS-22882T; 2059A; 2101B; 2122A; 2122B; 2124A; 2134BT;,2134A; 2134DT; 2134ET; 2320B; 2320BT; 2330B; 5049B; 5130B; 5134A; 5134B; 5134A; 5140AT; S649A; S655A. Also fits SC684; 688;695; 881; 882; 883; 886; 887; 888; 5049B 5130B C2031B C2031D C2031E C2032A C2032B C2094B C2094D C2094E C2094F C2094FB C2094G C2094G-1 C2094G-2 C2094G-3 C2094GW C2094H C2094H-1 C2194A C2194B S607D S607D-1 S647A S647B S647B-1 S647D S647E S647E-1 S661B S661E S670A S670A-1 S670A-2 S670B SC675A SC684E SC684F SC684F-1 SC684F-2 SC684F-3 SC688A SC688A-1 SC695A SC695A-1 SC881A SC881A-1 SC882A SC882A-1 SC883A SC883A-1 SC886D SC886E SC886E-1 SC886E-2 SC886E-3 SC887A SC887B SC887B-1 SC887B-2 SC887B-3 SC888H SC888H-1,SC889A

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