Amaircare 16″ Molded HEPA Filter Cartridge

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Amaircare 16″ Moulded HEPA Filter Cartridge

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For Models: 3000, 6500, 8500, & 10 000


~16 Inch HEPA Cartridge, Molded, for Large Amaircare Units.

~ Cartridge# 90-A-16NA-MO, (Molded Cartridge)

~100 square feet of HEPA filtration material captures the smallest particulates. In about 2-5 years, particulates clog this HEPA filter. Significant airflow reductions occur. Replace HEPA cartridge sooner if air cleaner is located in a dusty environment. Always replace a HEPA air filter if an air purifier is turned off for more than 3 to 5 days. HEPA is a medium in which bacteria, viruses, etc. can grow if moisture collects in the filter media. Constant air flow keeps the HEPA filter media dry and free of such contaminants. Note: Filters are not returnable unless deemed defective after inspection by the manufacturer. Please be careful to order the correct size filter for your air purifier.


Filter Change Schedule

First Stage Carbon Prefilter Replace every four months.
Second Stage HEPA Cartridge Check every 2 years. Replace when outside surface of media is dark in colour.
Third Stage Carbon Inner Blanket Replace every 6 months or when there is a noticeable increase of odours.

Stage Two Targets:

Dust Mites
Pet Dander
Skin Flakes
Radon Progenies
Wood Smoke
Tobacco Smoke
Fungus Spores

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