Hoover Motor Assembly Model 6400 Series

Article number: 27212069, 43576191
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Genuine Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum Cleaner Motor.


For most models of the Self Propelled Hoover WindTunnel upright vacuum cleaners.


Fits the following models:


U64019RM, U6423-900, U6425-900, U6425-920, U9425-950, U6429-900, U6430-900, U6431-900, U6432-900, U6433-900, U6434-900, U6435-900, U6436-900, U6437-900, U6439-900, U6441-900, U6441-940, U6445-900, U6445-920, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6450-900, U6451-900, U6451-960, U6453-900, U6454-900, U6455-900, U6455-960, U6458-900, U6459-900, U6460-900, U6470-900, U6471-900, U6473-900, U6474-900, U6476-900, U6476-910, U6485-900, U66009RM, U6607-900, U6616-900, U6617-900, U6617-960, U6618-900, U6625-900, U6626-900, U6630-900, U6630-960, U6632-900, U6634-900, U6637-900, U6655-900, U6660-900


Replaces the following part numbers : 91001205, 43576179, 43576191 and 27212069


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