Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner Powder with Brush

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  • Kit Includes: 1 pound Capture Dry Cleaning Powder and Brush (Pre-Mist sold separate, recommended for stubborn spots and stains)
  • Safe for all types of carpets, fabric, silk, surfaces and material.   Spots do not reappear.   Re-sealable lid, easy storage container.
  • Remove stains, smells and eliminate moisture that contributes to growth of bacteria, mold, allergies, dust mites. FOR ALLERGY RELIEF - Use Every 8 Weeks
  • Wet cleaners add moisture to your carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture, sofa, couch to create the ideal for mold, allergens and bacteria to grow. Capture Dry Powder Cleaner removes the moisture, making it difficult for these unwanted growths to live.
  • Clean Up To 100 square feet: Made in the USA. Highest Quality.   If you are not in LOVE with Capture products, send back for a full refund
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