Riccar R30 & Simplicity S30 New Style Clean Air Motor

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Riccar R30 & Simplicity S30 New Style Clean Air Motor



Service Bulletin:

Date Issued: 05/03/2017
Parts Affected: D386-2600, D486-2100, D386-2700, D486-2700
Models Affected: All 30 and 40 Series Tandem Air Vacuum Cleaners (See chart below)
Rev 02 07/10/2017 R30CAMINSTRUCT
Tandem Air Clean Air Motor Change
Reason for Bulletin: The clean air motor for Tacony Tandem Air vacuums has been changed for
improved performance. The change necessitated a modification to the dust compartment, motor cover,
and wire harness to accommodate the larger motor.
Any vacuums made prior to the change that require a motor replacement will need to use the
original Ametek motor (D486-2100 for 30 series/D386-2600 for 40 series.) Anything made after
the change can use the new Samsung motor (D486-2700 for 30 series/D386-2700 for 40 series.)
See the chart below for the serial number cut off date of the change to the new motor for each model.
All vacuums made prior to this serial number must use the Ametek motor.
Model Serial Number
R30D 0516008097
R30P 0716004030
R30PET 0616003630
R30P.DS 0716001191
R30P.DSAL 0616001170
R40 0616001338
R40P 0516001526
R40.LE All Ametek
R40P.LE All Ametek

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