Swiss Boy Home Filtration

Swiss Boy offers Amaircare Whole House Filtration Systems, and coupled with a BEAM Central Vacuum System, makes for one of the most simplistic ways to keep your house dust and allergen free. It will also diminish cooking odors very quickly. (Fish, Bacon, Etc.) Amaircare Whole House Filters attach to your HVAC System and run in conjunction with your furnace fan, turning your cold air returns into vacuums that pull in dusty air. The Amaircare Filter will not force the air through itself(allowing the filters to last much longer) but instead pulling from the side of the ducting system, an average home will take about 2 hours for the system to turn over and scrub all the air in your home. The Amaircare Filtration System will also keep temperatures throughout the house very even due to the constant circulation of air.

BEAM Air Filter BEAM Air Filter            BEAM Air Filter


Benefits of a Amaircare HEPA Air Filtration System

  • Remove dust, smoke and other particulates
  • Remove gases and household odors
  • Insulated cabinets for whisper quiet operation
  • Low maintenance, our HEPA cartridges can last up to five years or longer
  • Amaircare products produce NO OZONE
  • Amaircare products are energy efficient
  • Amaircare systems are constructed out of durable steel
  • Amaircare products are environmentally friendly