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Central Vacuum Inlets & Fittings


When it comes to installing a central vacuum system, careful planning is key. Start by mapping out the piping installation from the BEAM power unit to the inlet valves. For optimal results, consider running the piping under the floor if possible. In structures without basements, you may route the piping through the attic or crawlspaces. In existing two- or three-story homes, you can run vacuum piping to upper levels through cold air ducts, discreetly behind closets or under stairways, or alongside a soil pipe.

In new constructions, take advantage of the opportunity to run the pipe through wall studs before drywall is applied, ensuring a seamless and hidden installation. When determining the ideal location for the BEAM power unit, commonly found in the garage or basement, consider accessibility and proximity to the main living areas for convenient use.

Remember, consulting with a professional during the planning and installation process can provide valuable insights and ensure an efficient and effective central vacuum system setup. By carefully considering the layout and placement, you can maximize the performance and convenience of your central vacuum system for years to come.

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